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Please review these frequently asked questions, as the answer to your own is likely here.  If it’s not, please use the following buttons to contact the Tours team:   (412) 444-8687

  • How do I purchase tickets?
  • How do I get there and where do I park?
  • Can I purchase tickets at the door?
  • I am unable to use tickets purchased in advance; is it possible to get a refund?
  • Can I change the time / day of my ticket
  • I just need one more ticket for a tour time that is sold out.  Can you help me?
  • If I registered in advance what do I need to bring with me?
  • Can I just visit the Train Museum?
  • Is the train museum included with the ticket for the regular house tour?
  • How long does the tour take?
  • Is the tour accessible for guests using wheelchairs, walkers or strollers?
  • Are there ASL interpreters available?
  • Is the tour suitable for children?
  • Can I take photos?
  • Are the same houses on the tour this year as last year?
  • What if there is bad weather?
  • Is there a place to grab a quick bite to eat before or after the tour?
  • Are there Brunch, Lunch and Dinner tours this year?
  • Is there a Holiday Shop this year?

The easiest way to purchase tickets is online or you may purchase tickets by phone by calling (888) 718-4253. We do not mail out tickets; you will receive an email confirmation. The day of the tour you will check in under the name of the person who ordered the tickets. Tickets are $30 before Nov. 30 and $35 after.  To be notified when online tickets go on sale for future tours, please sign up for our mailing list here.

Buy Tickets →  (888) 71-TICKETS  

Allegheny West is located just west of the Aviary and West Park and north of the stadiums on Pittsburgh’s North Side. Free parking is available in the specially designated CCAC parking lot on Ridge Avenue with the entrance between Galveston and Allegheny Avenues. This parking lot is at the end of the tour; please allow 10 minutes to walk from this parking lot to Calvary Church, at the corner of Allegheny and Beech Avenues. There is no parking available at the church.

For GPS, use 954 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.  This location is directly across from the on-ramp to the Ft. Duquesne bridge.  It is the parking lot between the Subway Sandwich Shop and Graybar with the white kiosk.

Getting Here   Download Printable Directions

You may purchase tickets for the Train Museum at the door at 719 Brighton Road.   On most years, the house tours are usually sold out before the event, especially Friday and earlier times on Saturday, although limited tickets may be available.   To keep the tours a manageable size for the houses, if you do not purchase tickets in advance and still want to attend the tour, you may be asked to wait for a tour that has some space.   We ask that groups of 4 or more people purchase tickets in advance to be guaranteed that we can accommodate your entire group on the same tour.  

Unfortunately we are unable to refund unused tickets for any reason, however, you are welcome to have someone else use the tickets.  Please be aware that they will need to check in under your name if you chose the Will Call option when you purchased your tickets.  We do not keep waiting lists of cancellations or handle tickets sales for unused tickets.  

If there are still tickets available please call Showclix, (888) 718-4253 our ticket provider (not our volunteers), to arrange the ticket swap.  You will only be able to exchange tickets for times that still have tickets available.  If you purchased tickets before 11/30 at the discounted price you will NOT be required to pay anything additional to exchange times after 11/30.  

  In some cases we are able to add one additional person to a tour.  Please contact our volunteers at and we will attempt to accommodate you.  To maintain manageable tour group sizes we are only able to add one extra person to any given tour time.  

We do not mail out paper tickets although if you provided an email address at the time of purchase you should receive an email confirmation. You should check in under the name of the person who purchased the tickets.  If you are able to, please print out the email confirmation you received. This is not required, though. If you did not receive an email receipt, there’s a possibility that your transaction was not completed correctly. Please call Showclix, (888) 718-4253 our ticket provider, if you have questions about whether your reservation is complete.

(888) 718-4253

Yes. You are not required to purchase a House Tour ticket to view the trains. Tickets are $12 before 11/30 and $15 after 11/30 or at the door.  They can be purchased either online or at the Museum at 719 Brighton Ave. The hours for viewing the trains are:

Friday: 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm | Saturday: 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Please note, that because the “museum” is actually a personal collection displayed in a private home it is only open to the public once a year during the two days of the Old Allegheny Victorian House Tour.  Our volunteers are unable to arrange separate viewing times.

Buy Tickets Online →

There is an additional charge of  $12 before 11/30 and $15 after 11/30 (and at the door) for the train museum which you can pay in advance or after your tour at the museum, which is located in the last house on the tour, Holmes Hall.

Important Note: The Train Museum closes at 9:30 pm on Saturday (although the house will still be open for the tour.)  If you have tickets for Saturday tours leaving Calvary Church after 6:00 pm the Train Museum will be closed before your group arrives at Holmes Hall. Plan ahead and make sure you visit the trains before your tour. Allow at least one hour or more to see the trains and arrive at Calvary Church in time for your tour.

You should allow about 3 hours for the tour and an additional hour if you plan to visit the Train Museum. The houses on the tour are spread over a 2 block X 4 block area. You will be walking/standing the entire time.

The Tour is primarily historic private homes which are not otherwise open to the public. As such, these structures are not always accessible to those who rely upon wheelchairs, motorized carts, or other mobility assistance.  The entrances to most of the homes require tour attendees to navigate 1 or more steps, and sometimes, as in the case of the Train museum, up to 20 steps.  Please take into account that everyone on the tour is required to remain with your assigned  tour guide while you are on the tour.  The tour pace is leisurely and the homes are all within a 2 block x 4 block area, however you should be prepared to be walking for approximately 2.5 hours no matter the weather; there are no shuttles or seating available in the houses.

For individuals who require the assistance of a service animal, please notify us in advance by emailing or leaving a message with your phone number at (412) 323-8884.   In some years there are homes on tour with residents who suffer from severe allergies, so we would like the opportunity to work with you to ensure that we are able to provide appropriate accommodations for everyone.  We are unable to accommodate emotional support animals on the tour.

Please contact our volunteers at if you require an ASL interpreter or other accommodations and we will do our best to assist you. 

Not really. The tour is not especially well suited for younger children (under 12). Obviously, you know your children and what they would enjoy. The tour involves a fair amount of walking & standing outside in the weather as part of the guided tour which in our experience, isn’t flexible enough for younger children.

We do not have a discounted children’s price for the tour, however, there is no charge for infants/babies that will be carried the entire tour.  Please be considerate of other tour goers and the guides and step into another room or outside if your baby begins to fuss.

Strollers are not allowed in the homes during the tour, although you may opt to leave strollers outside each house.  Most of the entrances/exits to the homes involve a least a few stairs and some of the smaller homes will not have room for a stroller.  

Younger guests may enjoy a visit to the  Train Museum.  It is possible to purchase just Train Museum tickets.  See above for details.

Unless a homeowner asks you not to, photographs are fine on the tour. The tours are on a tight schedule so please do not get separated from your group while taking photos.

One of the houses, Holmes Hall (home of the Train Museum), and Calvary Church are always on the tour.  We vary the other 6 houses as much as possible (we’re a pretty small neighborhood!).

All tours will take place as scheduled and will not be canceled for weather related reasons.  Please plan appropriate attire (especially shoes!) This is Pittsburgh and bad weather is part of the charm.

Food is usually available at Calvary Church for purchase. Typical food selections include:  roast beef sandwiches, hot dogs, chili, cakes, cookies, coffee, tea, soda, hot chocolate and cider. More information about local restaurants can be found in our Visit section of the website.  Please be sure to check business hours.

Where to Eat

We will not be doing special Brunch, Lunch or Dinner tours this year.  However, we’re working with local restaurants to offer special seatings/menus to go along with the tours.  When we have the details worked out we will update this page and send out information about these special offers to the events mailing list (sign up here).  

This year The Holiday Shop will be at Calvary Church. Vendors will be selling antiques, collectibles and holiday gift items. We encourage you to come early and allow time for shopping before you take the tour.  The folks at Calvary will hold your purchase while you’re on the tour.

To be notified of future Allegheny West Civic Council events including the next summer Tour & Tasting in Old Allegheny, please sign up for our mailing list here.