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Allegheny West 2019 Neighbor of the Year

Holly Pultz, Allegheny West’s Neighbor of the Year 2019, moved from the country to Beech Avenue thirty-two years ago with Dan, her husband, and their daughters, and that’s when the neighborhood beautification project began. At that time, Irish, a lady of the streets, yelled at Holly for weeding and cleaning up the streets, but that didn’t stop her. She loved the diversity of the neighborhood. An award-winning artist, Holly quickly put her creativity to good use in Allegheny West, designing and painting the facades used for the AW miniatures, sold at early Christmas house tours. She also has led art classes & programs for children and several Paint Monkey-type events to raise money for a neighborhood church choir to sing at Carnegie Hall.

If you’re driving past the Triangle garden at North & Brighton at 7L00 am, you might catch a glimpse of Holly pulling weeds and tidying the garden. It is just one of the many quiet acts of service that Holly provides and that has led to Holly’s nomination as Allegheny West Neighbor of the Year. Holly’s fierce determination has meant that beautification projects aren’t just discussed, but are realized, thanks to Holly’s researching and then cajoling local suppliers, leading fundraising efforts and, finally, literally getting her hands dirty as tree wells and empty lots are weeded, planted, mulched and maintained.

There are many other activities that Holly has cheerfully helped with over the past thirty years, such as block parties, pancake suppers, monthly clean-ups and flower baskets. She always appears with a smile on her face and a great attitude. No one can resist her laugh. But perhaps most impressive is that Holly shares her many gifts and talents, her time and energy, with graceful, elegant humility.

Holly will be honored at the Northside Leadership Conference dinner on Thursday, June 13th, at the Priory Grand Hall.
Congratulations, Holly!!

Allegheny West Neighbors of the Year: Doris Short & Greg Coll

Allegheny West Civic Council proudly announces our 2018 Neighbors of the Year, Doris Short and Greg Coll.

Doris and Greg started volunteering for neighborhood events even before living in Allegheny West. In 2012 they met some future neighbors who invited them to one of the Allegheny West house tours. Before long, they were designing the tour booklets, serving as tour guides and roasting corn at the annual picnic!

After taking the Allegheny West Christmas House Tour the couple decided they wanted to live in the neighborhood. They say that they were very impressed with the homes on the tour as well as the historical knowledge of the homeowners and tour guide. They patiently waited for the right house to become available and, in 2015, moved into their home on W North Avenue. The first year after moving in, their home was on the Christmas Tour.

Doris teaches Graphic Design and Greg owns his own Creative Design business, Greg Coll Design. They are now the go-to team for most Allegheny West publications, including tour programs, tour guides, logos, posters and postcards. They also generously work to provide photography and solicit advertisers for the tour programs.

Greg and Doris are very interested in history in general and Pittsburgh history in particular. Doris’ artwork, which pays tribute to Allegheny West Notable Women – Gertrude Stein, Mary Roberts Rinehart and Mary Cassatt, was accepted to the 2017 Three Rivers Arts Festival’s Juried Visual Art Exhibition.

Greg created Christmas ornaments featuring significant historical Pittsburgh residents for their Christmas tree (a big hit with tour-goers!)

In fast order Doris and Greg have become an integral part of Allegheny West, donating their time, talent and generous spirit to positively impact the neighborhood. They will be honored at the Northside Leadership Council’s annual dinner on June 14, at the Priory Grand Hall. For more information on how to obtain tickets to this event, visit the NSLC’s website:

Dr. Dan to be Honored at Northside Leadership Council Dinner

Allegheny West Civic Council proudly announces our 2017 Neighbor of the Year, Dr Daniel Strinkoski. Dr. Dan, as he is fondly known, is a resident and business owner on Western Avenue in Allegheny West. Since moving to the neighborhood in 2003, Dr. Dan has taken on the litter problem with determination and enthusiasm.

Every morning throughout the year, and frequently on breaks during the day, Dr. Dan walks Western Avenue, Allegheny Avenue and Brighton Road, greeting neighbors and picking up litter. His beautiful smile and friendly nature brighten the day for everyone he encounters. On street cleaning days, Dr. Dan coordinates his walk with Elmer, the city maintenance crew driver, and uses a blower to push litter into the street so Elmer can sweep it up – on EVERY street in Allegheny West. Dr. Dan is on his 4th blower in the time he’s lived in Allegheny West. As Dr. Dan says, because of the stadiums, the Marathon and our proximity to downtown, “We probably get more visitors than any other neighborhood in Pittsburgh and our neighborhood needs to be clean and welcoming to our visitors.” His pride in Allegheny West is contagious.

In addition to his work keeping the streets of Allegheny West looking pristine, Dr. Dan also participates in the PennDot Adopt a Highway program and is responsible for maintaining a parcel of land by the entrance/exit to I-279, near Allegheny and Ridge Avenues. You can often spot Dr. Dan mowing that highly visible plot, which is above and beyond normal responsibilities of the program but is typical of our Neighbor of the Year. We are so lucky that Dr. Dan decided to live and work in our neighborhood and every day he makes it a better place.

Neighbor of the Year: Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan Strinkoski has been nominated as Allegheny West’s Neighbor of the Year for his tireless efforts in cleaning up the neighborhood!

He will be honored at the Northside Leadership Conference’s annual Neighbor of the Year Banquet in June. Details to come.

Congratulations Dr. Dan!


A special congratulations goes to Trish Burton for being named 2016 Allegheny West Neighbor of the Year! Trish was honored on June 16th, at the Northside Leadership Conference’s annual awards dinner. Thank you, Trish, for all you do for our neighborhood!

Above & Beyond

This month we have a special Above & Beyond dedicated to Trish Doyle Burton who was voted the “Neighbor of the Year” at the April Membership meeting.

Since 1992, Trish and her husband John and their children, have been part of the neighborhood, with both their home and business located in Allegheny West. Trish is one of those people whose years of quiet service are the backbone of our welcoming and beautiful community. She started out by cleaning up the leaves in front of the houses on her block, and then graduated to the monthly neighborhood-wide cleanup, and is still one of the most reliable people year after year. When we needed someone to deliver the monthly Gazette to all the houses on Beech Avenue, she volunteered and continues to do so years later. Dozens of tables, cases and cases of wine & beer and hundreds of paper plates and napkins have found their way to years of neighborhood summer picnics thanks to her offorts; not to mention all the potluck dishes she’s contributed to those picnics and volunteer recognition parties. She was one of the leaders of the offort that organized sponsorships for the gorgeous flower baskets that appeared on Western Avenue last year, and managed to wrangle even more support this year.

This past year though, Trish has also taken on a leadership role. After volunteering her home and garden multiple times over the years for tours (ask her about the time the tour goers scraped all the brand new paint off her steps!), this past year Trish served as the Ways and Means chair for the Allegheny West Civic Council, which means she managed both the summer Wine Tour and the winter Christmas tour. Aside from the fact that the tours raised lots of funds to support the Civic Council’s expenses through the year, Trish was incredibly successful at getting new folks involved. We weren’t exactly turning volunteers away (because we would never do that!), but we did have more help on jobs that are often dicult to nd help for, which made for a very smooth running tour. We can’t thank her enough for all her efforts.

Trish will be honored at the Northside Leadership Conference dinner on Thursday June 16 at The Priory. There’s usually at least one or two tables of Allegheny West folks and we’d encourage any folks who are interested in attending to join us. Tickets are $30. You can contact the NSLC directly via Kelly MacKay, NSLC Dinner Coordinator: (412) 231-4714 x201 or

If you’d like to recognize a neighbor who went above-and-beyond for you or the neighborhood this month please send a note to or give Cathy at call at (412) 418-2027 and, space allowing, we’ll recognize them in the Gazette.

Neighbor of the Year – 2015

The Neighbor of Year awards will presented at the Northside Leadership Conference Dinner on June 11, 2015.  If you’re interested in attending (and it’s fun!) tickets will be available soon from the Northside Leadership Conference, so save the date.

Last membership meeting we, the nominating committee, nominated Nick Smerker as this year’s neighbor of the year.  It’s never an easy decision since so many people do such great work on the neighborhood’s behalf.

Here’s the bio that will be published in program for the NSLC Annual Dinner:

Nick SmerkerNick moved to Allegheny West several years ago and noticed right away that needed to be overhauled and cheerfully volunteered. He spent months meeting with our neighbors to find out how they were hoping to use our community website. Once we had a basic structure set up, he patiently worked with many different stakeholders on creating useful content. The result is a beautiful, modern website that still manages to highlight the historic nature of the neighborhood. We’re even more grateful that he’s continued the hard work of maintaining the site, even adding new features as we continue to find new ways of using it.

When he is not fixing the internet presence for the AWCC, Nick works for Education Technology Services at Penn State University as a traveling multimedia consultant. His role with Media Commons takes him to spaces located at Commonwealth campuses throughout western Pennsylvania and he engages him with faculty and students as they produce digital media.

When not traveling for the University, Nick spends his time working on a many freelance projects, including various roles at Signum University, an online liberal arts initiative he helped found in the summer of 2011.  You can check out some examples of his recent work at:, or