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ReelQ Returns to Alphabet City!

City of Asylum (2018)

The Last Match
(La Partida)

Monday, February 19th
7:00 pm

ReelQ is back with a screening of The Last Match (La Partida), the first in a series of films they will be presenting here at Alphabet City in 2018!

Rey lives with his girlfriend, son and grandmother in a poor Cuban neighborhood. At night, Rey rents his body to foreign tourists. By day, he does the only thing that interests him in life: playing soccer.

The Last Match

When Rey begins to develop a romantic relationship with his teammate Yosvani, he is forced to keep this affair a secret or jeopardize a possible pro-soccer career that would allow him to escape poverty and prostitution. In this hostile environment—and in secret—Rey and Yosvani will begin a love story, for which they will have to fight against all odds.

This film is for mature audiences only and includes scenes with nudity and sexual situations.

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