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Government Resources

Government Resources

311 Non-Emergency Reporting

You can use the City of Pittsburgh 311 hotline or online form if you would like to report non-emergency concerns or questions in the neighborhood.  Examples of issues 311 handles include:

• Abandoned vehicles
• Animal care & control
• Building violations
• City trees
• Dumping
• Graffiti
• Issue or policy concerns

• Meters
• Overgrowth (public & private)
• Parking
• Police or public safety
• Potholes
• Refuse problem
• Sewer

• Sidewalks (repair & snow)
• Signs (replacement & new)
• Snow & ice removal
• Street cleaning
• Street lights
• Street paving
• Traffic

The Civic Council tries to track 311 reports about the neighborhood to see if there are recurring issues that are not being addressed that we can assist with. When you make a 311 report please cc: if you make the report online – or send a quick email to that address with the reference number and a brief description of the problem.


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  • Voting
  • Taxes
  • Seasonal

City Council

Allegheny West is represented in City Council by District 1 Councilman, Bobby Wilson.  Learn more about Councilman Wilson, get in touch directly, submit feedback and more via the City Council pages for District 1.

(412) 255-2135   414 Grant Street   District 1 Info

Allegheny County

Allegheny West is located in Allegheny County District 13 and is represented by Council Member Denise Ranalli Russell.  Get in touch with Councilwoman Russell directly using the information below.

(412) 350-6585   District 13 Info


Pennsylvania’s Governor is Tom Wolf. Learn more about Governor Wolf and get in touch with his office by using the information below.

(412) 565-5700   Contact the Governor 

Pennsylvania House

Allegheny West is located in Pennsylvania House District 19 and is represented by Representative Jake Wheatley Jr. Learn more about Jake Wheatley Jr. and get in touch using the contact info below.

(412) 471-7760   Contact District 19   Jake Wheatley Jr. Info

Pennsylvania Senate

Allegheny West is located in Pennsylvania Senate District 42 and is represented by Senator Wayne D. Fontana. Learn more about Wayne D. Fontana and get in touch using the contact info below.

(412) 344-2551

US House of Representatives

Allegheny West is located in US House of Representatives District 14 and is represented by Congressman Mike Doyle. Learn more about Mike Doyle and get in touch using the contact info below.

Contact Mike Doyle   Mike Doyle Info

US Senate

Allegheny West is represented in the US Senate by two Pennsylvanian Senators: Robert P. Casey Jr. and Patrick J. Toomey. Get in touch with both Senators using the contact info here.


Residents can visit the City of Pittsburgh Voting Districts and Polling Places Map for more information, including looking up their voting Ward and District.

Voting by Mail

Voting by mail is now an option in Pennsylvania. It’s an easy, convenient, and secure way to cast your ballot.

Learn More About Applying

Register to Vote

You can register to vote in person at the Elections Division, select government offices, the DMV or by mail.

In Person Locations Mail In Form Deadlines

Where to Vote

Learn where to vote by visiting the State of Pennsylvania’s Find Your Polling Place search tool.

Polling Place Search 

County Property Tax

Curious about your Allegheny County property taxes? Learn about county property taxes through the Allegheny County Assessment address or parcel search tool.

Allegheny County Property Tax Search 

School District Tax

Allegheny West is located in the City of Pittsburgh for school millages, making district taxes some of the lowest in the area.

School District Millages 

Local Services Tax

The Local Services Tax is withheld from individuals working in the City of Pittsburgh and is currently assessed at the rate of $52 per year.

City Park Shelters

For picnics, family reunions, birthdays and more, the Pittsburgh City parks have a variety of fantastic shelters that can be reserved online or in person through the Department of Public Works. Don’t delay: these fill up fast as thoughts turn to warm weather!

Online Facility Reservations  Permit Office: 611 Second Avenue  (412) 255-2370 

Snow Removal

Need help digging out or curious when your street is due to be cleared? The Snow Resource Center is a great tool when the snow flies in Pittsburgh.

Snow Resource Center  Snow Plow Tracker  Snow Angels 

Anonymous Police Tips

You can help solve crimes anonymously by completing a silent tip form set up by the Pittsburgh Police. Any amount of information can be helpful in putting the puzzle together. Your tip added to someone else’s tip added to evidence collected by police can solve a crime.

Submit a Tip