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Hearing the history and the stories of the people who shaped the Schenley Farms neighborhood while walking around and looking at the buildings and houses was a great way to learn. It was interesting to see up close the architectural diversity and unity among the various houses in this planned community.

PHLF Walking Tour

“I’m somewhat familiar with Oakland, but I learned a lot.” – Roberta Shope

  • Grant Street (from Sixth to Fourth avenues): Fridays in May, 10:00 to 11:00 am
  • Grant Street (from Sixth to Liberty avenues): Fridays in May, Noon to 1:00 pm
  • Point Breeze: Saturday, June 2nd, 1:30 to 3:00 pm
  • And the Jail Museum every Monday (except on court holidays): visit between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm

See the beauty and discover the stories of significant places in the Pittsburgh Region. Check out the many tours we have listed on our Calendar of Events and contact Mary Lu Denny (412) 471-5808 x 527 to make reservations.

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Lake Elizabeth Update and Call to Action

Lake Elizabeth

PWSA Director Bob Weimar and Chief of Operations Guy Costa from the City attended last night’s Allegheny Commons Initiative meeting. We discussed the history of the issues surrounding Lake Elizabeth and were brought up to speed on the latest discussions between DPW and PWSA for addressing the current lake concerns:

  • PWSA is now subject to the PA Public Utilities Commission regulations, with their core responsibilities to provide safe and reliable drinking water, convey sewage and manage storm water. As a result, PWSA has very limited ability to expend funds that do not directly benefit their ratepayers and therefore will not pay for the installation of the aerators in Lake Elizabeth.
  • PWSA will be working with the DPW to identify some possible solutions such as the treating the water with small amounts of Algaecide. The City will be working to identify funding to pay for the electrical infrastructure needed to power the aerators. They are committed to draining and cleaning out the lake on a more regular basis to decrease the amount of organic material that contributes to the algae blooms and overall unsightliness of the lake.
  • The DPW asked the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to help organize a volunteer event to remove debris from the lake. I will be at the lake 8am this Saturday morning with gloves, trash bags, and a few rakes/shovels. Please register online here if you can join:
  • The DPW understands that they will need to go into the lake and power wash following the removal of debris. They explained that this work will happen quicker with the support of volunteers. So please consider joining me on Saturday morning!

What else can the community do to help?

  1. If you cannot volunteer, we could still use rakes and shovels. PPC will provide gloves and trash bags. I can pick up items on Thursday or Friday if you are willing to let us borrow, feel free to text/call or email 201-669-9046
  2. Contact Councilwoman Harris and request that she put $ in the capital budget for 2019 for the aeration system for the lake. 412-255-2135,
  3. Help make the power washing and refilling of the lake a priority for DPW by continuing to send in 311 calls, contacting Councilwoman Harris at 412-255-2135 and contacting the Mayor’s office 412-255-2626
  4. Please attend your local community group meetings where I attend and provide park updates and can be available to answer questions. Or reach out to me directly and let’s meet for coffee!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thanks all for your continued support and advocacy for the park!

Erin Tobin
Community Outreach Coordinator

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

RSVP for May & June Upcoming Events with YPA

Join the Young Preservationists Association for two exciting upcoming events!

The Young Preservationists Association (YPA) represents and promotes younger voices in historic preservation. Our organization uses community engagement and education to advocate for the preservation of historic sites and structures in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

The Ratskeller at Max’s Allegheny Tavern

The Ratskeller at Max's

More Info + RSVP

Gallery Talk/Visions of Pittsburgh

Gallery Talk/Visions of Pittsburgh

More Info + RSVP

2018 Allegheny West Preservation Awards

Submitted by Carole Malakoff

The Allegheny West Local Review Committee, along with the Allegheny West Civic Council, announces the 10th Annual Allegheny West Historic Preservation Awards. These awards are presented to property owners in Allegheny West who have completed exterior projects over the past year, retaining or restoring appropriate elements of historic character, and adhering to our neighborhood guidelines. The success of these projects was attained by doing research, creating well thought-out plans, following neighborhood guidelines, and working with the neighborhood LRC and the City HRC to seek advice on the application process and guidelines. The 2018 award recipients are:

831 Western Avenue

Susan and Frank Remcheck, owners

When Susan and Frank purchased 831 Western over a year ago they inherited a large project that was initiated by the previous property owner. The brick had already been stripped and cleaned, and new wood windows had been installed, but there was so much more to do. These new homeowners took over the renovation of the entire façade, paying close attention to historic detail and existing architectural elements. First floor window hoods were added, reflecting in scale and design those existing on the second floor. A wood hood, brackets, and decorative elements above the front door were made to match those on 833, next door. Other work included fencing, side entry steps, and a new door. This project reflects the significant research and planning that were done to complete it successfully.

840 N Lincoln Avenue

Debra Kelly and Douglas Debelak, owners

It’s evident that, if you walk the streets and allies of Allegheny West, lately there has been an interest in auxiliary structures, garages, carports, designated places to park our cars. This project is a garage construction. The original garage on this property was deemed unsalvageable due to structural deterioration, and so was demolished. The HRC determined that the new structure be moved to the other side of the property so that it would be aligned with the existing gate at the front of the house. It was also designed to be compatible with the house in scale, materials, architectural elements, and trim colors. This project demonstrates how a new auxiliary structure can be designed to be compatible with an historic building.

852 N Lincoln Avenue

Greg Kobulnicky, owner

Talk about research and planning! This project reflects both! Greg completed an entire façade restoration at 852, from removing the fake front, exposing the original brick, to installing new stone front steps to match the existing, and redesigning and rebuilding the dormers to match the original. All were done in accordance with the HRC Guidelines. Other projects include brick cleaning and pointing, installing new wood windows, replacing window and door surrounds and brackets, and even replacing chimney pots. This project sets the standard for restoration in our neighborhood.

852 Beech Avenue

Katie and Robin Zoufalik, owners

Here’s another example of an auxiliary structure that is a well-planned design with a gabled roof to match that of the adjoining property and a wood paneled garage door resembling stable doors. The paint colors selected add to the attractiveness of the carport and doors.

These four projects add to the historic ambience of our neighborhood streets and alleys, contribute to the economic development of our neighborhood, and enhance the quality of life in Allegheny West. To celebrate Historic Preservation Month, these awards will be presented at the May Membership Meeting of The Allegheny West Civic Council on Tuesday, May 8th at 7:30 pm. Please attend and honor these neighbors.

PHLF: Spring House Maintenance Workshop

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Location: Landmarks Preservation Resource Center, 744 Rebecca Avenue
Date: Thursday, March 15th
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Contact: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

“O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” — Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792-1822

As the short days of Winter get slightly longer, day-by-day, and days of highly fluctuating temperatures give way to Spring, now is the time to take a look around the house and consider some of the maintenance and other home improvement items you might have on your list.

About the Presenter: Regis Will is a woodworker, craftsman, and owner of Vesta Home Services, a consulting firm on house restoration and Do-it-Yourself projects. He blogs about his work at The New Yinzer Workshop.

All events are free to PHLF members. Non-members: $10 RSVPs are appreciated: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

Check out for more PHLF tours and events.

PHLF: Restoring Murals and Other Works of Art

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Location: Landmarks Preservation Resource Center, 744 Rebecca Avenue
Date: Tuesday, March 13th
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Contact: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

This workshop will focus on the restoration of murals and other works of art, particularly looking at the typical damages that ruin treasured pieces. We will consider the difference between art restoration and repair, but most of all, give you tips on how to care for and maintain your varied works of art and collections. Presented by Boris Brindar.

About the Presenter: Boris Brindar is a second-generation art conservator. He got his start in the field at a young age, working with his dad, then the Head of Conservation Labs at the Russian State Museum in Leningrad. Boris is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad where he received a degree in conservation and art history. He has more than 33 years of professional experience.

All events are free to PHLF members. Non-members: $10 RSVPs are appreciated: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

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PHLF: Citizen Jane Film Screening

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Location: Landmarks Preservation Resource Center, 744 Rebecca Avenue
Date: Tuesday, November 21st
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Contact: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

Citizen Jane PosterIn 1960 Jane Jacobs’s book The Death and Life of Great American Cities sent shockwaves through the architecture and planning worlds, with its exploration of the consequences of modern planners’ and architects’ reconfiguration of cities. Jacobs was also an activist, who was involved in many fights in mid-century New York, to stop “master builder” Robert Moses from running roughshod over the city.

This film retraces the battles for the city as personified by Jacobs and Moses, as urbanization moves to the very front of the global agenda. Many of the clues for formulating solutions to the dizzying array of urban issues can be found in Jacobs’s prescient text, and a close second look at her thinking and writing about cities is very much in order. This film sets out to examine the city of today through the lens of one of its greatest champions.

This screening is FREE to the public.

RSVPs are appreciated: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

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PHLF: The Art of Artwork Restoration

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Location: Landmarks Preservation Resource Center, 744 Rebecca Avenue
Date: Tuesday, November 21st
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Contact: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

This presentation covers the basic aspects of artwork restoration including oil paintings, murals icons, art on paper (posters, lithographs, and prints), sculptural pieces, and other works of art. Specific attention will be given to the difference between artwork restoration and repair and the proper ways to keep, exhibit, insure, and monitor art collections. Presented by Boris Brindar.

All events are free to PHLF members. Non-members: $10 RSVPs are appreciated: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

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PHLF: Film Screening – A Girl is a Fellow Here

A Girl is a Fellow Here

Location: Landmarks Preservation Resource Center, 744 Rebecca Avenue
Date: Tuesday, August 15th
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Contact: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

At a time when few architectural firms would hire women, Frank Lloyd Wright unhesitatingly employed women, giving them both training and the opportunity to practice. Ultimately, over 100 women architects and designers worked with Wright, many of them going on to remarkable careers of their own. In his studio in Oak Park and at both Taliesin Fellowships, Wright trained and practiced with women as draftsmen, designers, and fellow visionaries. “A Girl Is A Fellow Here”: Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright focuses on six of those women – Marion Mahony, Isabel Roberts, Lois Gottlieb, Jane Duncombe, Eleanore Pettersen and Read Weber.

About the Film

This documentary is a production of the Beverly Willis Architectural Foundation (BWAF). Founded in 2002, BWAF, is charged with advancing the knowledge and recognition of women’s contributions to architecture. It embraces issues specific to women currently working within the building industry. To this end, BWAF both commissions and curates research that pertains to women working at all levels within all fields of practice — including architecture, engineering, construction, design, landscape, preservation and planning.

All lectures are free to PHLF members. Non-members: $10

RSVPs are appreciated: or (412) 471-5808 ext. 527

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Summer Solstice Event

Don’t miss the magnificent 30 foot high Resurrection Window in all of its glory!

At the historic Calvary Methodist Church, 971 Beech Ave, Northside: June 21 at 6:00 pm

Allegheny Historic Preservation Society will host David Farkas, from Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. He will speak on the subject of preservation easements of historic properties. This will be held in Calvary’s Chapel area from 6:00-6:30 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you.